Dr Jim Bennett

Dr Jim Bennett works for Morgan Advanced Materials, a global manufacturer of technical ceramics, in the electroceramics and sensors as a Senior Ceramic Engineer. His role in the technical team involves developing new products and improvement of existing product lines. Jim studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Leeds. His interest in ceramics began with his undergraduate dissertation which was concerned with lead-free piezoelectrics for which he was awarded the Armourers and Brasiers medal in 2010 for the best undergraduate project.

Jim completed his PhD at the University of Leeds in 2014 and during his studies he received a prestigious world universities network scholarship which funded a four-month visit to the Pennsylvania State University. His research project in the 'development of bismuth-ferrite derived piezoelectric ceramics for high-temperature applications' resulted in a University spin-out and he was also awarded the Professor Sir Richard Brook award for best thesis in ceramics in the UK for 2014.

While attending the University of Leeds he was the materials science department's school outreach co-ordinator which involved arranging activities involving electron microscopes, bricks and eggs. In his spare time, Jim enjoys playing tennis and football, watching American football and listening to way too much Bruce Springsteen.


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