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International Wood Products Journal

International Wood Products Journal is the official journal of the Wood Technology Society, and publishes peer reviewed contributions on all aspects of wood science, engineering and technology, its processing and applications. The Journal serves as a forum for researchers to disseminate their work to those in academia and the wider industry, and articles with an applied focus are encouraged. International Wood Products Journal aims to advance and encourage the scientific, technical, practical and general knowledge of timber and wood based products.

The journal has a particular interest in the following aspects of wood engineering and technology; properties of wood, testing and characterisation, drying, wood protection ( including insect and fungal response), processing and machining, structural applications (including design and construction), products and applications, recycling, biomimicry, wood modification, life cycle assessment, carbon sequestration, environmental impact, logistics and economics.

Wood Focus

Thanks to the David Woodbridge collection we have uploaded early issues of the Institute of Wood Science's in-house journal.

There are many articles ranging from wood science to company profiles to people, from 1999 to 2007.

Sample copies are publically available, and the remainder are available to current IOM3 members only.

PDF icon WoodFocus Issue 1.pdf

Wood Focus issue 4.pdf

See Wood Focus archive

"Talking Timber"

With the kind permission of the TTJ (, we produce below (see bottom of this page - Documents for download) articles published in this regular series. 

The articles are topical, informative and educational, on many aspects relating to wood and the timber business.

This is an on-going series, written by WTS members, and we would be pleased to hear from you if you have any suggestions for future topics.




"Outside" Publications:

Wood Science and Technology

Wood Science and Technology states that it 'publishes articles and reviews covering the entire field of wood and pulp. Coverage extends to wood anatomy and ultrastructure, all aspects of the biology of wood, including the cytology of cambium, xylem and phloem, tree physiology and the microbiological degradation of wood, the chemistry of wood and bark, and wood physics. Also addressed are problems related to wood technology: combustion, drying, and impregnation of wood, its matching, gluing, and finishing, timber mechanics and rheology, and the conversion of wood into pulp'. 2010 impact factor: 1.278


Also known as the International Journal of the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology of Wood, Holzforschung dates from 1947 and is 'an international scholarly journal that publishes cutting-edge research on the biology, chemistry, physics and technology of wood and wood companies'. For many years it has been rated the top scientific journal in the category 'Materials Science, paper and wood' in the ISI Journal Citation Reports. 2010 impact factor: 1.307

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology

The Journal 'focuses on the chemistry of wood, wood components, and wood products, including the latest advances in areas such as lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and extractives chemistry; wood and bark chemicals; wood-based biomaterials synthesis and characterization; and biomas conversion or utilization'. 2010 impact factor: 1.167

European Journal of Wood and Wood Products (up to 2009 Holz als Roh and Werkstoff)

The Journal was first published in 1937 and 'reports on results from research and development for wood and wood products and their biological, chemical, physical as well as mechanical and technological properties, processing and uses. Subjects range from roundwood to wood based products, composite metarials and timber constructions, with related jointing techniques. Moreover, it deals with wood as a chemical raw materials and source of energy as well as with inter-disciplinary aspects of life-cycle-assessment and international markets'. 2010 impact factor: 0.189 (EJWWP) and 1.127 (HaRuW)