SMART.mat launched to exploit 'smart' technology

SMART.mat, a DTI initiative to help UK industry exploit 'smart' technology, was launched on 19 January by Science and Innovation minister Lord Sainsbury.

2nd meeting of the Institute’s 'Energy Materials Group' (EMG) 10 January 2006

Having experience in PEM fuel cells J.R. Tuck has been enrolled as group representative.
Super wool

Wonder wool for high temperature insulation

Thermal Ceramics the global heat management specialist, has announced the launch of an high-temperature insulating wool that matches the performance of refractory ceramic fibres and is not classified as a carcinogen within the European Union. Superwool 607 HT is an alkaline earth silicate fibre showing low shrinkage up to temperatures of 1,300ºC.

Siobhan Matthews - Chair of the IOM3s Younger Members Committee

The career of Siobhan Matthews, currently chair of the IOM3 Younger Members’ Committee is described. She is the director and co-founder of SCF Processing Ltd., which provides a materials processing technology transfer service using supercritical fluid and polymer processing technology to develop viable manufacturing processes.

Rough diamonds

Diamonds are associated with luxury but this image lies in stark contrast to that of African rebel armies who target artisanal diamond mines to fund prolong civil war by trading in the revered stones. Kevin D'Souza of Wardell Armstrong reports on the Diamond Development Initiative. It has been launched by governments, NGOs and industry to help with regulation and empowerment.