Smart thermal barrier coatings for gas turbines

Southside Thermal Sciences (STS) Ltd, London, UK, plans to begin final trials of its 'smart' thermal barrier coating (TBC) for online non-destructive inspection of gas turbines used in power generation and aircraft. The coating works by embedding the ceramic surface with rare earth ions that have a phosphorescent response under excitation light and will reveal information about temperatures at the surface and subsurface of the coating, as well as erosion and changes of phase composition.

Innovations in plastics - the ANTEC conference

More than 700 technical papers were presented at the Society of Plastics Engineers' ANTEC conference, held in Charlotte, South Carolina, in early May 2006. Topics covered included nanomaterials and the modification of polyolefins.

New nano learning opportunities

University College London, UK, launched a Nanotechnology MSc course in September 2006. The course will focus on various areas of nanotechnology, including physical science, nanoscale processing and characterisation, experimental techniques, business aspects, nanoelectrical devices and quantum computation and communication.

Institute's Annual Review 2005

The Institute's Annual Review for 2005 can now be viewed. It contains a summary of the Institute’s activities over the year, together with financial statements.

Desk-top electron microscopy

Bridging the gap between optical and electron microscopy, the TM-1000 tabletop microscope, from Hitachi High Technologies, features a 10x improvement in resolution and magnification range and a 100x improvement in depth of field compared to conventional optical microscopes.