Country report: India

With a third of the population living without reliable electricity access and the country’s significance in meeting global Paris Agreement targets, India’s energy landscape in recent years has been chameleonic. Khai Trung Le looks at how India’s reliance on coal straddles its renewable ambition.

Patent of the month: Thermally insulating polymer-aerogel foam

Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers describes a thermoplastic polymer foam aerogel composite.

Picking up the pace

Ellis Davies reports on a new method to produce single-crystal graphene in larger quantities.

Foiled again

Chemists at Queens University Belfast have developed a method to turn used aluminium foil into single-crystalline alumina catalysts for biofuel production. Simon Frost reports.

Hydrogel laminate may improve catheters and condoms

An MIT-developed hydrogel laminate material can be embedded with drugs and coated onto elastomer products. Kathryn Allen reports.