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The OGA publishes 'UK Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources' report

The UK’s petroleum reserves remain at a significant level which could sustain production for at least the next 20 years; and beyond if additional undeveloped resources can be matured.

Everyday Hydrocarbon Products Showcased in Drilling Matters

New modules on IADC’s provides details the myriad products both trivial and critical that are based on hydrocarbons, and showcasing the industry’s solid environmental record.

Oil and Gas UK Publishes Workforce Report 2017

Oil and Gas UK recently published its Workforce Report 2017, which provides demographics data to complement the employment figures published in its Economic Report 2017

Blowout Prevention System Events and Equipment Component Failures

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which has been designated as the data repository for BSEE, has published its first report on “Blowout Prevention System Events and Equipment Component Failures.” The 2016 report, which includes data required to be reported by the Well Control Rule, covers the period when the rule went into effect on 28th July to 31st December, 2016.