ACE UK calls for ambitious UK targets

The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE) UK has welcomed the final adoption of the revised EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive as a strong foundation on which member states can build towards a circular economy.

Encouraging plastic recycling

Greater incentive is needed to realise the potential of plastics recycling, as Ellis Davies reports.

Tungsten too brittle for nuclear fusion reactors

Researchers find tungsten – a favoured choice of metal within nuclear reactors – is liable to become brittle, leading to failure.

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting on 10 July

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Institute will be held on 10 July at 297 Euston Road, London, immediately following the Institute's 2018 AGM
Prof Simon Green speaking at the CIE

CIE Founders' Lecture

On May 1st 2018 the CIE Founders' Lecture was given by Prof Simon GReen on "Asteroid Impact Mitigation: Why? How? When?" He explained how asteroid impact risk is assessed, and what action is feasible to deflect any thought to be a risk.