• Iron & Steel Society - Newsletter No. 3

    IRON AND STEEL SOCIETY BOARD NEWSLETTER NO. 3 DEC 2017 This is newsletter no. 3, following the Board meeting on 9th November 2017 at Sheffield University.
  • Fighting cancer with heat

    Ellis Davies reports on a nanomaterial technology that could help treat cancer more effectively.
  • Lattice disruption

    Turkish artist Pinar Yoldas seeks to break down complex scientific processes into works of art.
  • Alternatives to lithium

    Steven Dunn and Ellis Davies investigate the world’s use of lithium-ion batteries and the potential alternatives as the price of lithium grows.
  • Advanced Engineering 2017

    In its ninth year, Advanced Engineering 2017 brought together experts from the composites industry, discussing how to overcome the uncertainty caused by Brexit and if automation is the answer. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • A web of silence

    Ellis Davies reports on a new spider-web inspired sound control method using acoustic metamaterials.
  • A steel lecture in a steel city

    The Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture, organised by the Institute's Iron and Steel Society, was held on 10 November in Sheffield, UK, a city known for its history of steel production. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • More rocking geology

    Imperial College students went on a field trip to Morocco to examine local geology and learn more about ore forming processes. Participant George Fry reports
  • Blowing in the wind

    The electricity market reform is supposed to prepare the UK for future power demand, but how will it be delivered? Ines Nastali reports on ideas to secure sustainable capacity.
  • Patent of the month: Optimising thermal conductivity

    Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers looks at a newly patented way to manufacture an improved thermal interface material using graphite nanofibres.