• Funding new battery technology

    As part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge fund, £25 million is available for the development of new battery technology. Ellis Davies reports.
  • Divers working to remove waste from Sizewell A

    A new project at Sizewell nuclear power station, UK, is using specialist scuba divers over a 10-month period.
  • Carbon capture in mineral form

    Khai Trung Le talks to Alison Parkin and Michael North about a new form of carbon capture that may help not only capture more than 820 million tonnes of C02 but also produce hydrogen in a low-energy process.
  • Sailing space with graphene

    Despite technical problems, an ESA/Graphene Flagship-backed experiment exploring graphene solar sails may lead to the first craft to reach the star system Alpha Centauri. Khai Trung Le talks to Santiago Cartamil-Bueno on his experience.
  • Modelling the unknown

    Khai Trung Le talks to Klas Tybrandt on his theoretic model explaining PEDOT:PSS, one of the most commonly used, yet misunderstood, materials in organic electronics.
  • Reaching new heights

    Norway is to build the world’s tallest timber building.
  • The self healer

    A chance discovery could lead to more sustainable glass-like components for the automotive and technology sectors. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • Hydrogen fuel from floating solar fuels rig

    Columbia engineers have developed a floating solar fuels rig that could produce hydrogen via seawater electrolysis. Kathryn Allen reports.
  • Where wind and coal meet

    Kathryn Allen looks at Germany’s changing energy mix as it attempts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Volcanic impact

    Mineral deposits on the Isle of Skye indicate a meteorite impact that could have caused the Island’s earliest volcanic activity. Ellis Davies reports.