• Lithium in the future

    On 9–10 April 2018, the Geological Society held the Lithium: From Exploration to End-User conference as part of their 2018 Year of Resources. Ellis Davies reports.
  • Blockchain’s coal addiction

    Khai Trung Le looks at the meteoric rise of bitcoin and blockchain processes, and the coal sources that fuel that success.
  • The value of dematerialisation

    Dematerialisation – the reduction of materials in products and services – may become a key tenet in the circular economy. But how do you define it, and how can materials science and industry benefit? Khai Trung Le reports.
  • The travelling potters

    Mankind has known travel and relocating for work for thousands of years, as the tales of women from the Baltic selling clay pottery in the Nordic countries tell. Ines Nastali reports
  • Have we finally found industrial graphene manufacture?

    MIT joins the ranks with claims of a continuous, high-quality and scalable means of manufacturing graphene. Khai Trung Le reports.
  • The solar state plan

    California’s reputation as a leader in clean energy is furthered by new solar plans.
  • Wet wipe clean up

    UK government plans to ban wet wipes.
  • Man of cellulose

    Nano-sized cellulose has been deemed the strongest building material by KTH.
  • From land to power

    With renewable energy sources playing a larger role in global electricity production, Ellis Davies investigates the environmental trade-offs associated with land use for renewables.
  • Power in patterns

    A Japanese basket weaving pattern could produce dissipationless devices, as Ellis Davies reports.