Materials World October 2017

This month focused on research into new materials and testing processes before they are applied, developments in mining (see the report on the recent uproar in Brazil caused by the government’s decision to nix a protected area to make way for mining), and more.

A note from Editor Ines Nastali – At the beginning of September, I embarked on a new journey with the Institute as Editor of the very magazine you are viewing right now. I joined just after the previous issue had gone to print (under the very capable leadership of Simon Frost), which allowed me a blank canvas on which to make my mark.

While I am not unfamiliar with the works of a professional body - having recently worked as the Deputy Editor of The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology’s membership magazine, The Marine Professional – I was curious to see what topics I will be covering (and am pleased to see that there is quite a bit of overlap).

At the same time, for me, this new role is about going back to my roots in science journalism. That said, I’ve learned a lot during my years in local journalism, which saw me talk to council politicians, vocal citizens and people with very unusual hobbies (ask me about them when we meet if you need inspiration for your spare time).

On this note, feel free to say hello when you see me at Institute events or if you find yourself at the London office. I will be happy to discuss ideas for the magazine with you. 

I’ve very much enjoyed putting together this first edition thanks to my fabulous editorial team at Materials World, who made me feel very welcome when my ship came into port at the Institute’s office in the middle of busy central London. 

News this issue:

Superballistic electron flow in graphene confirmed

Sprayable nanocoating extends produce shelf life

Brazilian Government undermined

Filthy snack

60 seconds on... integrated panels

Textile for fire fighter clothing

Country report: Poland

Get talking: The time for personal rapid transport

Materials testing and NDT conference 2017-09-21

Game changer

ShAPEing automotive

Carbon nanotube yarns produce electricity when stretched

History of Çatalhöyük metallurgy challenged

Features this issue:

Material Marvels: Synthetic rubber and the artificial heart

Spotlight: Non-destructive testing

Fred Starr recollects… supersonic progress