• Lasers used to modify wood

    Ellis Davies reports on a boost in funding to improve wood modification with lasers.
  • Plastics from flue gas

    Research project will look at using flue gas from the steel industry to produce plastics.
  • EU delays recycling process, trade association claims

    Although scientific opinions confirm that recycled plastic is safe to use for food packaging, the EU delays publication of an official framework, trade association European Plastics Converters claims.
  • Oil & gas inspections with Hadron Collider robots

    Ross Robotics’ Philip Norman and Nick McCormick talk to Khai Trung Le about their collaborative modular robotics and imaging inspection system.
  • The plane in the living room

    Two brothers from Bath created a business in 2012 that turns plane scrap into custom-made furniture
  • Packaging unwrapped

    Packaging could reduce food waste, and even add nutrients to the soil, if it doesn’t consist of harmful plastic waste. Ines Nastali reports.
  • Pot improvement

    Material selection is key to more efficient heating of pots and pans, argues Dr Jennifer Unsworth of intellectual property firm Withers & Rogers.
  • Digging deep

    The UK mining industry is showing a new focus working on a narrower range than in the past. Frances Perry attended the IOM3 conference, Current Developments in the UK Mining Industry to discover more.
  • Shaping young minds

    Dr Andrew Russell argues that personal mentoring for young engineering graduates is fundamental to foster their careers.
  • Protecting pilots

    Following a recent increase in laser pen attacks, Ellis Davies looks at the materials and methods protecting aircraft pilots and passengers.