Materials Protecting the Environment Seminar

21 Feb 2018

Organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the IOM3 Industry and Technology Policy Board

There is a real challenge for material scientists and engineers to understand how their expertise and professional practises can affect environmental performance and contribute towards more sustainable outcomes. In many cases the apparent solutions to solving one environmental impact can increased impacts in another part of the product life cycle or perhaps in another impact category. So how can we make informed decisions in materials selection and new material developments to ensure that progress and solutions are heading in the right direction.

As a part of the Materials Protecting Society Seminar series, this event will set out the challenge and inform the debate on four critical environmental areas:

Climate change

  •                 How low carbon is a low carbon building? 
  •                 Low carbon transport from an aerospace perspective?
  •                 Which materials make the best low carbon vehicles? 

Air Quality 

  •                 Electric vehicles: the local solution but at what global cost ?
  •                 Are fossil fuels part of the solution or is it renewables all the way ?
  •                 Can surface engineering help to clean up our cities ?

Resource efficiency/waste minimisation 

  •                 The future of Packaging in a low carbon, low waste society 
  •                 Product Design guidance for the circular economy
  •                 How can the Internet of Things improve efficiency in supply chains     

Ocean health and contamination 

Can we design our way out of the problem ? 

Is energy from waste a good idea ? 

The role of the oceans in meeting the sustainability challenge 
In each of the cases above the high-level challenge will be set out, the solutions proposed and the issues debated in an open platform. 

Social media: #materialsprotect 

Venue and booking

Event Location

Event Location: 
Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
297 Euston Road
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Chiara Brooks

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