Packaging Training and Qualifications

IOM3 Training Academy offers a range of industry-recognised packaging courses and qualifications. These were developed as a result of the merger in 2005 of the former Institute of Packaging (IoP) with IOM3. They include PIABC accredited qualifications as well as training for specific sectors of the packaging industry.

PIABC Accredited Qualifications

Level 3 Certificate and Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology are available online and classroom taught.

Level 3 Certificate in Packaging Technology (Study online or within a class taught enviroment) is designed to meet the needs of everyone concerned with the packaging industry, the Certificate in Packaging covers all the major packaging functions to provide students with a sound knowledge-base upon which to build successful career development.

Level 5 Diploma in Packaging Technology (Study online or within a class taught enviroment) is internationally recognised as the premier degree level qualification for packaging professionals, acknowledging the high standards of knowledge and skills required in this extremely specialised industry.

EQIPT Course

The EQIPT (Study online) course is designed to provide auditors, who do not hold a recognised primary packaging qualification, with sufficient knowledge of packaging and related processes, to enable them to apply the appropriate rigour to the packaging-manufacturing environment whilst performing an audit.

Other Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Print for Packaging is a  one-day course specifically for non-printers who wish to know all about print across the main packaging printing methods. This is a technical and practical course with plenty of learning and methodologies to help you understand the technical terminology, quality and choice.

Corporate Training we offer a unique and tailor-made package if courses - Training for Success with The Packaging Society, to meet the exact training needs of individual companies. It allows employees from all functions and levels to gain an appreciation of packaging technology, jargon and processes, whilst placing them on a pathway to further skill development and qualifications. Corporate partners benefit from undertaking the certificate and Diploma at their premises. Alternatively we can tailor courses to suit their specific packaging requirement.

Pack Testing this one-day course helps delegates to select packaging fit for purpose - getting products to the customer safely, securely and cost-effectively. Nobody wants product wastage, least of all in transit between production and store, where damage to packs and product results in delay, claim, expense and huge inconvenience. Making sure that your packaging will survive the distribution channel and deliver your product intact and in perfect condition to the consumer is a fundamental part of the job.

Packaging Specifications this one-day course provides an insight into the right way to establish, enforce and develop packaging specifications to supply or receive the packaging you need, on time and on budget.

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These activities are approved for Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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Packaging courses are developed in conjunction with and endorsed by the Packaging Society, a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining.



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