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Real-time 3D Imaging of Nuclear Structural Materials at High Temperature

WEMMA lectures are Professional Development accredited by IOM3

4 Sep 2017, Bristol

West of England Metals and Materials Association Joint Meeting with the Nuclear Institute Western BranchFull information >

2017 SOLVAY International Brazing Seminar

5 Sep 2017 - 6 Sep 2017, Hannover

Solvay is one of the global market leader for non-corrosive fluxes used in aluminium brazing technologies selling NOCOLOK® brand products supported by a full spectrum of aluminium brazing supplies and services plus specialized know-how. The world of NOCOLOK® is the world of aluminium brazing.Full information >

Alloy Design—A Resource Efficient Approach 3

7 Sep 2017 - 8 Sep 2017, Derby

The EPSRC funded programme "Designng Alloys for Resource Efficiency" - DARE's third annual workshop to be held at Rolls-Royce Learning & Development Centre, Derby.Full information >

An Introduction to, and Appreciation of, Corrosion

7 Sep 2017, Stockton on Tees

An introduction to the 7 forms of corrosion, including general, pitting, crevice, filliform and galvanic corrosion, plus differential and high temperature oxidation.Full information >

Energy Materials Computational Solutions - 4th Symposium

7 Sep 2017, Bath

4th Energy Materials Symposium from the EPSRC grant on Energy Materials: Computational SolutionsFull information >

Roger Moore Lecture: ESA Friction stir welding of titanium propellant tanks

7 Sep 2017, London

London Materials Society Joint meeting with The Welding InstituteFull information >


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