An Introduction to, and Appreciation of , Non-Corrosion Deterioration Modes

15 May 2018

The course starts by dividing non-corrosion deterioration into 5 groups; high temperature issues, mechanical issues, coatings, weld failures and others. We then look at several, not necessarily closely related, mechanisms within each group which helps to give structure to an otherwise random selection of non-corrosion deterioration mechanisms, each of which is considered in it's own right.

From creep to thermal fatigue, mechanical fatigue to Brinelling, osmosis to dissolution, lack of fusion to restraint cracking and brittle fracture to temper embrittlement, this course aims to enlighten the engineer with regard to what can go wrong and why, apart from any corrosion effects which could also be a factor...

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
Axiom Engineering Associates Ltd
14-17 Woodstock Court
Bowesfield Crescent
Stockton on Tees
TS18 3BL
United Kingdom
Organiser contact details: 

Neil Gallon MA CEng MIMMM IWE / EWE, Senior Materials Engineer, Axiom Engineering Associates Limited

01642 732745

Approved for Professional Development by IOM3

Approved for Professional Development by IOM3

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