2018 Young Persons' World Lecture Competition

11 Oct 2018

Organised on behalf of the IOM3 Younger Members' Committee

Finalists from around the world will give a 15 minute presentation on a technical topic of their choice and answer questions from three judges.





2018 Finalists

UK - Sam Lawton

Sam Lawton - Polymer power: From light to current

Russia - Alexandra Kiznetsova

Negative effect of longwall coal mining: How to control?

Australia - Kyle Saltmarsh

Acoustic based condition monitoring in the resource industry

Brazil - Matheus Santos

Insights on the optimization of the steel ladle process from a prefractory perspective

Malaysia - Andrew Ng Kay Lup

Bio-crude oil from lignocellulosic biomass: A zero-to-hero energy scenario

South Africa - Fariraishe Nyoni

Burn cut optimisation to increase blast advance at Unki mine

Singapore - Naveen Tiwari

Self-healable and flexible materials for next generation electronic devices: Smart materials

Hong Kong - Lin Guo

Combating cancers with a new superweapon

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Port Elizabeth
South Africa
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