• Printing property

    A collaboration between a construction firm and non-profit organisation could see 3D-printed homes for developing countries.
  • Economic digest

    The number of construction projects has declined in the UK due to bad weather and a woefully unprepared industry. At the same time, more bricks have been manufactured, marking the anticipated start of a busy house building period. Ines Nastali reports.
  • The catalogue of risk

    A new methodology to establish the connection between construction material and a building’s habitability after an earthquake hopes to promote superior city planning. Khai Trung Le reports.
  • Revolutionising ceramics

    A new project aims to bring ceramics production up to date through the use of mechanical modelling and virtual prototyping, as Ellis Davies reports.
  • Slavery in brick manufacture

    Khai Trung Le looks at the use of satellite imagery to track slavery in brick manufacturing.
  • Announcement of the IOM3 Awards 2018

    Congratulations to the winners of the IOM3 Awards 2018.
  • Imprinted

    After his father died, Danish artist Dan Stockholm created a special memorial.
  • A nano risk

    A report looks into the potential dangers of nanotechnology in the construction industry. Ellis Davies investigates.
  • Economic digest

    Using data from the UK Office for National Statistics and the Markit/CPS Construction PMI, we present an overview of UK construction related economic information.
  • Heal the Earth via the heavens

    Khai Trung Le talks to Professor Stephen Luby about the use of satellite imagery to help change harmful brick manufacture in Bangladesh.